On the PNP’s revival of Alsa Masa-like forces

Karapatan opposes the creation and mobilization of all forms of paramilitary groups, auxiliary forces, “force multipliers” and civilian forces akin to Alsa Masa through the Community Mobilization Project by the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. 

Throughout history, these forces have only caused numerous grave human rights violations and severe insecurity in communities nationwide. These groups have been used by the police and military to evade accountability for their crimes, despite their direct hand in training and arming them, and their direct command over them. 

The reinforcement of such forces through the PNP’s CMP will indubitably result to same, if not far graver violations. It will allow the PNP to violate the people’s rights to due process by merely invoking unintelligent “intelligence reports” to legitimize killings and illegal arrests of persons whom they instantly tag as alleged “drug suspects” and “communists” without clear and unassailable evidence against them. 

Especially in the context of the Duterte regime, when civil liberties and human rights are wantonly violated, these groups will not just be used to spread unpeace in communities. These will also be used to solidify control of warlords, through the police, to strengthen their control especially during election season. 

Karapatan reiterates our call for the disbandment of all paramilitary and auxiliary forces, force multipliers and the Alsa Masa-like groups that will be mobilized for the PNP’s CMP.