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On the PNP’s revival of Alsa Masa-like forces

Karapatan opposes the creation and mobilization of all forms of paramilitary groups, auxiliary forces, “force multipliers” and civilian forces akin to Alsa Masa through the Community Mobilization Project by the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. 

Threats to file charges vs “Ang Probinsyano” a form of censorship and harassment – Karapatan

The Department of Internal and Local Government (DILG) has recently considered filing a case against the popular television series “Ang Probinsyano” for its “unfair and inaccurate” portrayal of the Philippine National Police (PNP). This is among the latest expressions of paranoia of the DILG and PNP, who seek to censor programs that reflect and allude to some realities on the corruption, brutality and dire state of affairs within the police, military and government. However, the DILG and the PNP are attacking a work of fiction, instead of resolving the very real problems plaguing the police and the whole gamut of the government’s security forces. 

Injustice, continuing peasant killings and prevailing landlessness mark 14th year of Hacienda Luisita massacre

“Justice remains elusive for the seven farmers massacred at the Cojuangco-owned Hacienda Luisita on November 16, 2004.  The fact that nine sugar farmworkers were also massacred in Sagay City, Negros Occidental last month is not lost on us. This is a glaring indication of the prevailing landlessness in the country and the worsening situation of our farmers and farm workers, as well as the climate of impunity carefully preserved by those in power. Gloria Arroyo is sitting comfortably in Congress while the Aquinos are careful not to draw any more attention to themselves; the victims’ relatives and the Hacienda Luisita farm workers, however, are still shouting for justice and accountability,” said Karapatan secretary general Cristina Palabay.

Detention of peace consultant at Camp Karingal reveals degrading prison conditions

Fides Lim, wife of detained National Democratic Front (NDF) peace consultant continues to decry the illegal arrest and detention of her 69-year-old husband Vicente Ladlad at Camp Karingal, simultaneously disclosing the poor prison conditions that her husband and other detainees are made to endure. Ladlad was arrested on November 8, 2018, along with couple Alberto Villamor, 64, and Virginia Villamor, 67. The three were charged with trumped-up non-bailable cases of illegal possession of firearms and explosives. 

Tanggol Bayi: ‘Palit-puri’ and other such schemes prove uniformed men the foremost violator of women’s rights

Tanggol Bayi, an association of women human rights defenders (WHRDs) in the Philippines, strongly condemns the succession of violence against women by State forces amid the implementation of the Duterte government’s anti-people policies, foremost the war on drugs and counterinsurgency program Oplan Kapayapaan.

The drug war did not only spin a series of brutal killings perpetrated by police forces who hide behind their twisted narratives. This campaign by the Duterte regime also gave rise to cases of gross violence against women and children committed with impunity. Several non-government organizations revealed a heinous scheme called sex-for-freedom scheme or “palit-puri” rampant among police operations, but have exponentially worsened amid the drug war. This involves police operatives using the drug war to rape women, by way of bargaining unwanted sexual intercourse with suspected women drug suspects or women relatives of persons they accuse of peddling drugs in exchange for freedom.