Karapatan Monitor, April - June 2018

Two years of President Rodrigo Duterte’s spiteful, vengeful and now definitely reactionary rule bring the regime nearer to collapse into itself through the sheer weight of its lies, killings, impunity, misogyny, bad economics, tyranny, treachery, and utter contempt for human rights. The people cannot wait long enough to throw the final brick that will bring down the autocrat. 

Before and after winning the elections in 2016, President Duterte has promised many things: rid the country of the scourge of illegal drugs, fight corruption in the government, pursue peace with the National Democratic Front (NDF) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), put an end to contractualization, adopt an independent foreign policy, and bring prosperity to all.

Alas, it has not been so. The President has turned out to be an altogether different political animal – a vicious and grotesque amalgamation of the tyrannical regimes of Marcos and Arroyo.
In addition, Duterte’s fetish to impose federalism and pave the way for a charter change is an old Marcos trick to install himself and his military as dictators with full legislative, executive and judicial powers. 
With these developments, a declaration of martial law for the whole country may not be far behind. The Duterte regime has wasted no time in laying the foundation for a full-fledged dictatorship. 


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