ILPS Senegal: Statement in Support of Human Rights Defenders in the Philippines


The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has taken a new and very dangerous step in his drive to crackdown on human rights defenders and on all those fighting for their rights. The publication of a list of 600 persons, considered as “terrorists”, constitutes a serious escalation of the Duterte regime’s war on the Filipino people. This move will result in more extrajudicial killings of human rights defenders, indigenous leaders, and of all those who dare raise their voice against State terror in the Philippines.

In light of this dangerous development, ILP-Senegal Chapter condemns in the strongest terms President Duterte’s criminal decision. We demand the immediate end to all policies and measures which would lead to more extrajudicial killings of peasant and indigenous leaders, human rights defenders and other citizens fighting for freedom, democracy and social justice.

We express our deep solidarity with all those mentioned on the list and with all others who fight against tyranny and fascism in the Philippines.

We call on governments and institutions around the world as well as on social and political organizations to put maximum pressure on President Duterte to scrap his criminal decision and stop State terrorism against human rights defenders in the Philippines.

Dakar, Senegal, March 17, 2018