Karapatan Monitor 2017 Issue No. 3 (July - Sept)

Tyranny, fascism and repression
take clear form in the US-Duterte regime

Tyranny is in our midst, permeating our laws to further turn them into instruments of repression and strangling whatever is left of the country’s democratic institutions. A fascist dictatorship is taking form, with the chief executive speedily steering it in a collision course against people’s rights. Stripping his cabinet of progressive leaders from the national democratic movement, only to replace them with traditional politicians who hardly have an inkling of the people’s needs, Rodrigo Duterte has amplified the voice, power and control of bureaucrat capitalists, militarists, plunderers, and neoliberal fanatics in his government. With a tight grip on fascist policies which are implemented in intensifying levels and supplemented by twisted narratives peddled by the administration’s rabid attack dogs, the country and its human rights situation are undoubtedly, evidently becoming as ghastly as those of past US-supported regimes.

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