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“Duterte has been shedding his last semblance of pretense for peace, with his latest pronouncements supposedly terminating the peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. We have a President who proudly admits he is a fascist - an unnecessary pronouncement since his human rights record already revealed much, especially as illegal arrests of activists intensify and as he hints on the comeback of the Philippine National Police as the declared foremost implementer of the war on drugs,” said Karapatan secretary general Cristina Palabay, on the recent statements of Duterte regarding the peacetalks, crackdown of progressive groups and the drug war. 

Palabay added that "the rights violations have no doubt continued, but the manner, brutality and intensity of the State's fascism has reached an unprecedented level. Outside of Marawi, aerial bombardment are also increasingly being used by the military to terrorize and displace communities. This is on top of the numerous arrests, extrajudicial killings, and the continued militarization of peasant and indigenous communities.”

Yesterday, November 21,  Karapatan released a statement on the arrest of 11 human rights workers -- 9 in Batangas and 2 in Pagadian City. (Please see link:’s+threat+to+crack+down+on+progressive+groups). Yesterday,  the human rights group received yet another report of illegal search conducted by elements of the CIDG and SWAT in the houses of 6 local peasant organizers in Batangas. The residence of Leodigario Alicaya, Orlindo Cabadin, Jose delos Reyes, Mario delos Reyes, Joan Raboza, and one other in Lian, San Diego,  Batangas, were raided.

The Duterte regime has also cancelled backchannel talks with the National Democratoc Front of the Philippines (NDFP). Yesterday, OPAPP Chief Jesus Dureza released a statement following "the guidance" of Duterte's declaration, announcing the cancellation of all planned meetings with the NDFP. 

“Duterte has emerged as a politician from the same rotten basket -- he has cowered under US demands, continues the same neoliberal policies, funded and celebrated the fascism of State security forces. In other words,  Duterte has successfully preserved the status quo, albeit with increasing repression of people's rights," Palabay reiterated.  

"Indeed, there is no terrorism that rivals State terrorism. The resources of the Filipino people are being used for guns, ammunition and bombs that are then aimed at the very citizens that the State should be serving. All this is a systematic policy actively peddled by the AFP, PNP and Duterte, compounded by the urging and interventionist policies of the US.  Duterte affirms his being a fascist. Along with his pronouncement is our growing determination to stand alongside the Filipino people -- to fight, to voice out, to resist State terror in all forms," Palabay concluded.

Reference: Cristina Palabay, Secretary General, 0917-3162831

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