Position Paper on the Proposed Amendments to the Human Security Act of 2007 (Draft Substitute Bill to House Bills 7141 and 5507)

Position Paper on the Proposed Amendments to the Human Security Act of 2007

(Draft Substitute Bill to House Bills 7141 and 5507)

Cristina Palabay, Karapatan Secretary General

June 18, 2018

Human rights defenders of Karapatan, a national alliance of human rights desks, organizations and individual human rights advocates in the Philippines, emphatically reject the Draft Substitute Bill by Representatives Amado Espino Jr., Gary C. Alejano, and Leopoldo Bataoil to the two House Bills namely House Bill 7141 ("An Act Amending Republic Act No. 9362 entitled "An Act to Secure the State and Protect our People from Terrorism," otherwise known as the "Human Security Act of 2007") and House Bill 5507 ("An Act Declaring as Unlawful the Membership in any Philippine Court-Proscribed or United Nations Security Council-Designated Terrorist Organization and Providing Penalties Therefor"). 

Karapatan stands by its position opposing the Human Security Act of 2007, as evidenced by the petition we filed at the Supreme Court on August 6, 2007 [http://sc.judiciary.gov.ph/jurisprudence/2010/october2010/178552.htm ] and our advocacy regarding laws such as the HSA[ http://www.karapatan.org/Anti-terror+law+legitimizes+repression%2C+violation+of+civil+and+political+rights+%E2%80%93+Karapatan ] that infringe on the people’s exercise of basic rights and fundamental freedoms, and considers any amendments worsening the provisions of this monstrous piece of legislation as furtherance of legal repressive measures that are in sync with the brand of state repression that the current administration employs.
Please see attached file: Final Karapatan Position Paper June 18 2018.pdf 
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