PNP app on human rights, perfect example of hypocrisy – Karapatan

“It doesn’t matter how many online apps the Philippine National Police (PNP) intends to launch on human rights, nor how many copies of human rights manuals they disseminate. These cannot erase the irrefutable fact that offline and on the ground, they are among the foremost rights violators in the country. Their “Know Your Rights” app is a perfect example of hypocrisy, because the only application that is known to the PNP is the application of torture, the application of the policy of extrajudicial killings, the application of illegal arrests and trumped up charges, the application of injustice, and overall, the propagation of the virus of impunity,” said Karapatan secretary general Cristina Palabay on the PNP Human Rights Affairs Office announcement on the launching of its “Know Your Rights” app.

Know Our Rights by Karapatan 

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Dubbed "Know Your Rights", the PNP launched an app that features human rights advisories including anti-torture reminders, the Miranda doctrine, conduct on custodial investigation, and the implementation of search warrants, among others. A portion of the app also shows a copy of the rights of persons arrested, detained or under custodial investigation, as detailed under Republic Act 7438 and Republic Act 9745. 


Palabay also raised that “this is another of the PNP’s money making scheme. All these documents were already available without the app – both online and offline – but did it make a difference in terms of the PNP’s framework? The PNP and the AFP is using this ‘security sector reform’ program funded by other nations and international organizations as a cash cow, without any substantial change in their conduct of operations.”


“After all the money spent on these applications, these training and workshops, we still end up with the same rotten, bloodthirsty, arrogant, and rights abusive uniformed murderers. While it is true that the PNP and the AFP needs such initiatives the most, as long as their militarist framework remains, nothing is going to change,” added Palabay, citing a press release that the rights group released on August 2017 calling for international organizations and other States to put a halt on foreign funds channeled to State security forces in the Philippines, foremost the AFP and the PNP, who are "instruments of fascism without any respect or intent to uphold human rights." 


Karapatan, on December 6, 2017, also published its Know Your Rights 360 photo, alongside the Karapatan Paralegal Bust Card that the organization released this year. The 360 photo contains the three basic human and people’s rights that gives readers a general overview; these are the right to life and right to live, the right to human dignity, and the right to develop. It can be accessed through and 


“Unlike the outpouring of resources and budget allocation given to the PNP and the AFP, human rights organizations all over the country are making do with what little they have to meet the PNP headstrong in its ironic and pretentious attempts of championing human rights. The biggest crime syndicates in the country are the State security forces of the Duterte regime, and they are awarded with medals and accolades for their fascism. No app or any masquerade whatsoever can deceive the people, not when the bodies of murdered Filipinos are piling up, tinged by the blood of this abhorrent and terrorist Duterte regime,” concluded Palabay. 


Reference:  Cristina Palabay, Secretary General, 0917-3162831

                   Karapatan Public Information Desk, 0918-9790580