Karapatan Paralegal Bust Card


KARAPATAN BUSTCARD in the event of arrests and other violations

Sharing the Initial Advisory of the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL)

A declaration of Martial Law does NOT: 

  • suspend the operation of the Constitution
  • supplant the functioning of the civilian courts or legislative bodies
  • give jurisdiction on military courts and agencies over civilians 
  • automatically suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus (where a person detained can question the legal  basis of her/his arrest or detention and seek immediate liberty)

In any event and under all circumstances, you have the right, among others: 

  • to be presumed that you are innocent 
  • against incriminating yourself
  • to due process 
  • to invoke the right to remain silent and the right not to speak until a lawyer of your choice assists you
  • against use of excessive and unnecessary force upon arrest
  • to be informed why you are being arrested
  • against illegal arrests, searches and detention
  • against warrantless arrests (except for instance when you have just committed, is committing or about to commit a crime)
  • against torture, solitary confinement, cruel, degrading and inhuman punishment 
  • right to counsel and access to her/him at all times
  • right to be visited by family, religious and rights organizations
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Visayan bust card front

Visayan bust card back 

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