Karapatan: Corrupt, shameless Arroyo belongs in jail, not as house speaker

“Lest we forget that the murderous Arroyo regime is responsible for 1,206 extrajudicial killings during her 9-year term, 204 enforced disappearances and thousands of illegal arrests, appointing her as the new House Speaker will pave the way for more repressive legislation that will further justify rights violations. It will be a gross injustice to all victims of rights abuses under her term -  a testament to the prevailing climate of impunity so fervently preserved by President Duterte,” said Karapatan Deputy Secretary General Roneo Clamor. 

“By no means do we want Alvarez to stay. He is the same corrupt, misogynist and suck-up politician who pathetically believes his strongman facade, copied from Duterte, will be beneficial to his political ambitions. Arroyo, however, is progressively worse and with blood on her hands. This circus is indicative of an inherently flawed, self-serving and crooked system that works only for the wealthy few,” Clamor said. 

He added that “the likes of the Marcoses and Gloria Arroyo are relentless in finding ways to creep back into power. With power-hungry, fascist, and warmongering minds in the leadership, it has been an easy feat for the corrupt and bloodthirsty to hold key positions yet again under Duterte. Indeed, birds of the same feather flock together, working hand in hand to perpetuate their lust for power.”

“We will not forget those thousands killed, hundreds disappeared and tortured, and all victims who were subjected to various forms of rights abuses. We remember Arroyo’s counterinsurgency program Oplan Bantay Laya, and her grooming of bloodthirsty vultures like Jovito Palparan. The people have already rejected attempts to resurrect the despicable, remorseless and impunity queen Gloria Arroyo. We reiterate our call to put back Arroyo in jail, to skid past her absurd excuses of conjured illnesses, and ultimately make her accountable for the abuses that her regime has inflicted on many individuals and communities,” Clamor concluded.