Central Committee of Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria (AGRA) Condemn the Terror Tagging of Hundreds of Filipino People


On February 21st, a petition was filed by State Attorney General Peter Ong with a trial trial in Manila and only announced last week that lists 461 names and 188 other names the government wants to declare a "terrorist." The list of terror targets peasant leaders, trade unions, youth, women, local activists and civil society at large who continue to fight for the sovereignty, social justice, democracy and rights of the Filipino people. 

Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria (AGRA) considers that the list of terror is a major threat to the safety and security of the broad Filipinos, considering Duterte's bloody of extra- judicial killing (EJKs) in which thousands have been killed since he served as President. With various security policies enforced, Duterte effectively legitimizes the military and police to arrest, detain, kidnap or even killed the people who registered in their "Terrorist" list without legal process. 

The row of names on the list most targeted by the Duterte Government are the People's Movement Leaders who have been actively leading the struggle and advocacies of the Filipino people, including the leaders and defenders of indigenous people such as Victoria Tauli Corpuz, former chair of the UN Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues and has been the UN Special Reporter for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples since 2014. Beverly Longid, Global Coordinator of the International Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self- Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL); Sandugo Co-Chairman Joanna Cariño; Chairman of the Cordillera People's Alliance (CPA) Windel Bolinget; and at least 10 Lumad leaders in North and South Mindanao. 

Since the beginning of February, two leaders of the youth movement have been announced on the Duterte Terrorist list, Eisntein Recedes and Vencer Crisostomo. In addition, also included in the list are nine members of a human rights group (Karapatan) who were even arrested in November 2017 in Negros, together with the trade union organizers Maoj Maga and peace consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Rafael Baylosis who was kidnapped and now among more than 400 other political prisoners in the Philippines. 

This terror list is a real effort of President Duterte to intimidate and to silence the Filipino people's struggle against its increasingly anti-people, anti-democratic and fascist regimes. AGRA considers that by tagging or terrorist labeling against hundreds of Filipinos will further intensify violence and human rights abuses against the Filipino people widely, in addition  to  the  Martial  Law  and  the  War  on  Drugs  and  Terrorism  that  have  killed thousands of victims in the Philippines. One of them is military attack and various acts of violence even the killing against the indigenous peoples Lumad, in Mindanao which is actually   an   expropriation   of   land   grabbing   for   mining   and   plantation   by   Duterte Government for the benefit of foreign investors.

Duterte's  ambition  of  "Build,  Build,  Build!"  Followed  by  the  intensification  of  violence, terror and killing against the Filipino people further proved that President Duterte is a puppet regime of US Imperialism that will continue to oppress and exploit the Filipinos. This has further evoked the democratic movements of the Filipino people to struggle even stronger- and at the same time has become a major threat to the power of Duterte and the domination of US imperialists in the Philippines. The security policies implemented in the Philippines are an attempt by the Philippine government with the US imperialists to strike a progressive growing of the people’s democratic movement.

The current situation in the Philippines and what has been happening in the Middle East as well as the latest in Turkey is related to the military operations and bloody terror carried out by the Government of Turkey under the Erdogan government, as well as similar situations in various other countries are actions under the provocation, lead and interventions of the US Imperialism to ensure the perpetuation of dominance and all of its interests  over  the  world.  In  Indonesia,  apart  from sectoral  cooperation  and  issues  of security and militarism, the US Imperialist has also implemented one of its intervention schemes on security policy in Indonesia known as COIN (Counter Insurgency) as a comprehensive security scheme since 2009, including to inhibit and hits, as well as to divide the people's movement.

In fact, under the administrations of the puppet regime Jokowi, acts of violence, criminalization,  until  the  killing  of  the  people,  especially  the  peasants  and  indigenous people continue to increase and massive. In 2017 AGRA noted that there have been at least 49 cases of violence and criminalization in 18 provinces across Indonesia, resulting in 66 people being   shot, 144  others  wounded,  854  arrested,  10  killed  and  120  people criminalized.

The  Jokowi-JK  Administration  even  intensified  its  fascist  and  anti-people  policies  to facilitate the US imperialism's interests in suppressing and exploiting Indonesian people through various Infrastructure projects, Plantation and Forestry Expansions, and mining in the name of "Development, Conservation and environmental protection, and globalization ". Jokowi guarantees the certainty and sustainability of all these interests with various acts of deprivations of the people’s democratic rights and to suppress of the people's movement through various economic, political and security policies, such as the enactment of the

Perppu Ormas. (Mass Organization’s Bill) No. 2 in 2017 became a law, UU MD3 and also the bill of the Criminal Code (Rancangan Kitab Undang-undang Hukum Pidana-RKUHP).

Based on the facts of the situation, AGRA realizes that the suffering faced by Filipinos and people around the world now days is also the miseries of Indonesian people. On the similarity  of  oppression,  AGRA  fully  supports  the  struggle  of  Filipino  people  who  are always  persistent  against  Duterte  Policies  which  are  anti-people  and  anti-democratic. AGRA also supports the entire democratic movement of the Filipino people to continue strengthen  its  unity  and  struggle  over  the  democratic  rights  of  the  people  in  the Philippines.

AGRA strongly Denounces and condemns the “Tagging of Terrorism" against hundreds of people, human rights group, activists and leaders of the Philippine People's movement by President Rodrigo Duterte. AGRA also urged the Duterte government to immediately stop all forms of terror and killing of Philippines people. Stop the Martial Law policy and the "Drug War" that has created terror and killed thousands of people in the Philippines! Bring back the democratic space of Filipino people in fighting and struggling for their rights!


Resistance Is Not Terrorism! Free All Political Prisoners!

Stop the U.S. War Machine; Stop the Killings in the Philippines!

Support the Peoples Struggle for Justice, Peace, Genuine Democracy and Freedom! Long Live International Solidarity!

Long Live People’s Struggle Around The World! 


Central Committee Agra