Duterte goes on a shopping spree of weapons in Israel, arming State forces to kill more Filipinos – Karapatan

“The meeting of President Rodrigo Duterte and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is indeed historic – the unprecedented, revolting meeting of like-minded butchers whose leaderships inspired the wholesale killing of both Filipinos and Palestinians. One has butchered Filipinos, while the other has the blood of thousands of Palestinians on his hands,” said Karapatan Secretary General Cristina Palabay on the 4-day visit of President Rodrigo Duterte in Israel, dubbed by many media outfits as “historic”.
On September 2, 2018, President Rodrigo Duterte and official delegates arrived in Jerusalem, Israel. He was accompanied by 46 official delegates and at least 150 individuals described by Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque as the “business delegation” who were there “on their own accounts” Duterte’s arrival was not welcome to many Israelis, including lawmakers and human rights activists who are familiar with his infamous campaign against illegal drugs and his controversial pronouncements.

“It should be emphasized that this meeting paves the way for the purchase of weapons to be used by the police and the military in both its bloody war on drugs campaign and incessant counterinsurgency drive. The Duterte government, from 2016 to 2018, purchased Israel-manufactured weapons that were used by the Philippine police in its operations,” Palabay noted, citing reports from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute that under Duterte, the country has become a major buyer of Israel-manufactured weapons and equipment.

“In his state visit to Israel, Duterte affirms his relations with his fellow murderers in the world stage, lending recognition and support to Netanyahu’s regime which continues to sponsor the murder of Palestinians.  The Israeli government, on the other hand, explicitly showed support and compliance to the mass murder of Filipinos by inviting Duterte to a shopping spree of weapons, which will inevitably be used to kill more Filipinos,” Palabay said.

Yesterday, September 4, Duterte also addressed an audience at the Yad Vashem or the World Holocaust Remembrance Center wherein he said “despots and leaders who show insanity should be disposed at the first instance”. Palabay commented that while Duterte seemed meek and tame in Israel, a far cry from his usual strongman façade when in the country, “his legacy of doublespeak remains.”

The Karapatan official also took a swipe at Duterte’s speech, saying that it “reeked of hypocrisy, and might well have been addressed to himself. Duterte even qualified that by an insane leader, he meant those who instigate killing sprees, “murdering old men, women, men, children, mother.” Now, isn’t this an apt description of himself and his 2 years in office? Clearly, the Philippines’ own insane leader who has inspired the killing of thousands of Filipinos should be, using his own words, “disposed at the first instance.”

“This is indicative that Duterte’s regime will continue towards the same blood-spattered direction. It has used the country’s coffers to fund its murderous campaigns and arm vile and brutal State forces to kill more,” Palabay concluded.