Duterte cooking up a fullblown dictatorship - Karapatan

On the eve of International Human Rights Day 2017, Karapatan held a cooking demonstration dubbed as “What’s Cooking in Malacañang?” featuring “Duterte’s recipes for a fascist dictatorship.”


Dishes included in the said activity are Digong’s Dinuguan, Pasta Pasista, and Papaitang Buhay, with recipes describing the human and people’s rights situation in the country. The event placed a spin on Duterte’s Kitchen and used the President’s response to jeepney drivers who participated in a 2-day transport strike last October: “Mahirap kayo? Magtiis kayo sa hirap at gutom, wala akong pakialam.”




“The dishes represent a range of Duterte’s policies that have been burdensome for the poor and the marginalized. He is cooking up a dictatorship in Malacañang, with his unwanted, unappetizing, and poisonous recipes,” said Karapatan secretary general Cristina Palabay.  


The activity is a prelude to the commemoration of the International Day of Human Rights on December 10, 2017. Groups, including Movement Against Tyranny (MAT), of which Karapatan is part of, is set to stage a protest rally in Manila to condemn the intensification of human rights abuses in the country. The protest will culminate with a torch march from Bonifacio Shrine to Mendiola at 6pm.


Karapatan also cited the various activities that will spontaneously be held in other regions in the country on December 10. In Panay, at least 7,000 people is expected to hold separate rallies in Aklan, Capiz, Iloilo, and other major city centers. In Bicol, all provices are slated to hold their own protests, with an expected delegation of at least 30,000 for the entire region. Meanwhile in Central Visayas, a funeral march-protest for slain human rights defender and Karapatan Central Visayas coordinator Elisa Badayos will be held in Cebu.


Activists and groups in Cagayan Valley are also set to stage a moving picket in Alicia and Isabela, while Cordillera-based organizations will hold a human chain at Session Road, Baguio City.


Protest actions will also be held in Ilocos, Bicol, Central Luzon, Eastern Visayas, Caraga, Southern Mindanao, Northern Mindanao, and Socsksargends. 


On December 10, the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines, a global network of organizations outside the Philippines, is set to hold protest actions and activities in at least eleven countries regarding the worsening human rights situation in the Philippines, which includes Japan, Hongkong, South Korea, Canada, Australia, US, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. 


Palabay said that “there is widespread condemnation against the intensifying fascist attacks that the Duterte regime and his State forces have instigated. Recent pronouncements by Duterte, including threats to arrest progressive organizations and foisting the anti-terror law to charge activists, have further escalated the violations.”


“Duterte is a wanna-be dictator that has been completing the ingredients for a fullblown dictatorship. His recipes, composed of fascist policies such as the drug war campaign, counter-insurgency program Oplan Kapayapaan, and martial law in Mindanao, have choked the Filipino people. Blood is spewn by ordinary citizens as the Duterte regime and his State security forces  prepares and forcefully shoves poison down people’s throats,” concluded Palabay.