Duterte’s antics, pitch for another Marcos presidency are deplorable - Karapatan

“Duterte’s antics are now becoming tiring. This regime has made it a habit to be as dramatic as possible, sensationalizing the choosing of his “successor” as if it is his choice to make. We are irked that once again, he is conditioning the public for another Marcos presidency, knowing full well how that wretched family plundered and violated the country,” said Karapatan secretary general Cristina Palabay on Duterte’s pronouncements made on August 14, addressing an audience composed of business executives and politicians in Malacañang.
Duterte said he is thinking of stepping down, setting the condition that he would willingly do so if Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. or Senator Francis Joseph “Chiz” Escudero will replace him as President.

“He can resign, but the people who were dispossessed and denied their rights will continue to hound him. We will not allow the return of the dictator’s son, whose family was responsible for numerous crimes against the Filipino people,” said Palabay.

Duterte also said he is planning to quit the presidency early because he is tired and frustrated by the corruption in government. This, however, was not the first time that talks of resigning was raised by the President. On several occasions, Duterte said he would quit if corruption allegations against him and then Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte were proven; if the existence of God would be proven; and if the country were to successfully transition to a federal system.

Palabay remarked: “We are exhausted at this regime’s intensifying repression; we are tired of being targeted for voicing our criticisms against the government’s anti-people policies; the workers are tired of working as contractuals, with barely enough to live a dignified life; the urban poor are tired of being dehumanized; the Filipino people are tired of a system preserved and protected by Duterte. If he is tired, so are the people who are plunged deeper into poverty by this corrupt and murderous government, all while favoring the powerful and the wealthy.”

“What has he achieved, really? He has driven the country to near-economic and political collapse with repressive and oppressive policies. The repercussions of this regime’s policies have already set forth irreparable damages to the lives of Filipino families. The TRAIN Law continues to be in effect, his counterinsurgency program and martial law in Mindanao remains, the intensification of the PNP and AFP’s legal offensive against rights defenders has not ceased. Whether he resigns or not, we assure him that the issue of justice and accountability will be relentlessly pursued,” Palabay concluded.