Año’s delusional self-congratulations to AFP, a psychopath’s stunt

“Año is a psychopath who revels in the blood of his victims. He has been responsible for violations in Mindanao – massacres, killings, illegal arrests and harassment of indigenous and peasant communities –violations which remain without justice. He is a delirious, demented maniac who butchers activists and civilians, protected by State machinery and impunity. If anyone would want to know how to get away with murder, then AFP Chief Año, one of the US lapdogs in the Duterte Cabinet, is the perfect person to ask,” said Jay Apiag, secretary general of Karapatan – Southern Mindanao Region (SMR).


(Photo courtesy of Kodao Productions)

Apiag criticized Año’s recent stunt of congratulating soldiers for the work that they’ve done in different parts of Mindanao. Apiag called the feat a “delusional self-congratulation,” adding that only “fascists with no regard for human and people’s rights would be proud of what has happened in Marawi.”


Apiag added: “Should we be proud of the destruction, injustice, and continuing violations in Marawi and the rest of Mindanao? Should we be happy about the 352,068 residents affected by aerial bombings, the 287 illegal arrests all over Mindanao since martial law, and the many more undocumented killings, torture, and disappearances? Should we be proud of the lack of transparency? Should we be proud that the military arrogantly shrugs and responds that ‘walang ganyan, martial law ngayon’ whenever processes are questioned? This travesty is revolting, and it is sickening to the gut.”


Karapatan also noted that “only Duterte, the AFP, coerced LGUs and compradors will be proud of the destruction at the wake of the bombings. We now see again how soldiers are praised and how those truly affected are forgotten. This is how Duterte treats the entire situation – playing puppy with the military and the United States on the one hand, and assuming the role of a deranged bully to those who try to question his policy directions on the other. Ultimately, the people lose in this fascist orchestra.”


The problem in Marawi gave way to the imposition of martial law in Mindanao. On July 23, Congress voted to extend martial law until December 2017. Año assured troops that the end of the conflict is in sight in Marawi, but he and Defense Chief Delfin Lorenzana keeps on adding soldiers, accepting equipment, and allowing agreements with the United States.


“The people are kept in the dark about the real situation, expected to simply accept the situation as ‘necessary.” The people most affected are not party to the situation. Their situation is inconsequential and the Duterte regime simply leaves them to suffer, and even asks them to keep silent about the horrors they have experienced. In no way does this merit any congratulations. The likes of Año and his minions should be held to account for the abuses they have committed and are still committing. No self-delusional congratulations for them, just the continuing call for justice that will deafen their ears and prick their conscience, assuming they still have one,” concluded Apiag.