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SELDA on Sen. Bongbong Marcos' bid for vice president

The vice-presidential candidacy of the son and namesake of the late, unlamented dictator Ferdinand Marcos has only further confirmed the Marcoses’ delusion of (returning to) continuing power to (re-)establish their brand of anti-people and fascist rule. That such a political charlatan could have the gall to project himself as pro-democracy and pro-people speaks volumes about his malevolence. He has been short of telling us that the Marcoses have been God’s gift to the Philippines.

AFP, DND asks for bigger budget to fund its paramilitaries

"Despite the killings and terror committed by its paramilitary groups, the Armed Forces of the Philippines has the nerve to ask for more budget to fund them," said Cristina Palabay, Karapatan secretary general on the plenary deliberations at the Lower House of the Department of National Defense' budget. 

AFP’s terror campaign vs Lumad schools escalates

"There is no let up in the regime’s campaign to close down Lumad schools. The landlord BS Aquino may have felt so humiliated there are segments of our society who do not depend on his “benevolence”. The Lumad built their own schools to save the children from illiteracy because the government has other priorities. These Lumad schools, for months now, have been the subject of red tagging, threats of closure, and the teachers and students harassed and killed,” said Marie Hilao-Enriquez, Karapatan chairperson. 

Aquino regime targets leaders of Cagayan Valley people’s orgs

Some 69 leaders of progressive people’s organizations and partylist groups in Cagayan Valley region are the latest victims of the BS Aquino regime’s practice of filing trumped-up criminal charges. “The regime has done it again in an attempt “to silence opposition and prevent them from amplifying the people’s demand for justice amid intensifying human rights violations in the region,” said Karapatan Chairperson Marie Hilao-Enriquez.

Rights groups oppose Palparan's planned senatorial bid

"For a former general who faces serious crimes against the Filipino people and who still maintains clout within the military, running for senatorial race is very dangerous. He should, in fact be in a regular civilian jail. Allowing Palparan to run for any position in public office is the height of impunity," Karapatan chairperson Marie Hilao-Enriquez said during the trial of Ret. Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan Jr. at the Malolos Regional Trial Court Branch 15. 


Zambasulta-Sabah Evacuation Docu Report

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